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Home Decor Guide | Summer 2021

With summer quickly approaching, it's always nice to add a few new touches to the home. This summer is all about layered, textured neutrals with rich earth tones mixed in. Adding touches of warm, natural textures will get your home ready for all the warm summer days to come. The greatest thing about adding in neutrals is that they easily blend in with what you already own and are super easy to mix & match throughout the seasons.

Modern Cottage Living Room Home Decor

These are some of my summer home decor favorites too add a touch of modern cottage design!

Home Decor Guide | Summer 2021

1. Woman Figural Sketch Art - $18 (I have this in my living room!)

2. Sketch of Woman Art - $28 (And this one!)

6. Barred Bone Frames - $38-$42

9. Bamboo Trim Vase - Coming soon!

11. Reclaimed Wood Tray - $34-$44

13. Rust & Cream Woven Striped Pillow - $22 (I have this in my mudroom!)

14. Cream Linen Pillow - $20-$30

15. Colorblock Lumbar Pillow - Coming soon!

20. Woven Bowl - $25

22. Leather Bin - $78 (I use this in my bathroom for wash clothes!)

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